We are a UK based company with full in-house design, engineering and manufacturing.  Our own team handle the manufacturing process from start to finish ensuring the highest standard of Quality Control.

Our products are built using a unique construction method that allows individual elements of the rig to be updated –  in the same way that software can be updated, so can the V-RIG hardware.

In addition to the updatable structure, our products are fully modular to allow add-ons to suit your requirements.

All products come with a 10 year comprehensive warranty (See Terms for more info)

Every part of the process is 100% in our control ensuring that our design vision is fulfilled with complete integrity.

  • Starting with steel metal sheet our 2000 Watt fiber lazer cutting machine creates the various flat metal parts.

  • Next our 2000 Watt fiber lazer tube and box section cutting machine creates lazer accurate profiles, removing the need for manual drilling and ensuring 100% accuracy in construction.

  • Our 120 tonne brake press handles sheet metal folding.

  • Next in the process is the utilization of our in-house powder coat facility, comprised of an industry standard Gema Optiflex Pro powder coat system, our own custom-built powder coat bay and a curing oven. This custom in-house process is designed to ensure that all V-RIG products come with a high quality and ultra-durable paint finish.

  • Next we cut the internal packaging pieces and box templates, then fold and form the boxes.

  • Finally we pack the finished parts, accessories, nuts and bolts into the packaging and prepare for shipping.


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