Universal On-Board Display Bracket (Frame Mounted)


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Example below shows the On-Board Display Bracket (Frame Mounted) product in use with a 32 inch monitor


    Example below shows the On-board Display Bracket (Frame Mounted) product with an ultrawide monitor

    The frame mounted version of the display bracket simply mounts further back and lower down on the rig, designed for mounting of monitors in a lower position for optimized viewing in a formula seating position, as well as for situations where you may prefer more distance from the seating position, for example when using with ultra widescreen monitors.

    This version can also be mounted directly to the Steering deck by simply removing or not using the additional brackets and extensions.   This converts the product to a standard On-Board Display Bracket(Steering Deck Mounted) product version.

    Mounts directly to the rig reducing footprint and features quick release distance adjustment using a smooth runner system.  The runner system allows you to make adjustments of the monitor distance to suit your preference or to match different overall rig setups, ie formula, GT or Rally.

    In addition the display bracket has height adjustment allowing further perfection of your visual setup.

    Distance Adjustment :

    • + – 30 cm QR dual direction glide runners
    • Total 60cm adjustment
    • Can also be converted to standard On-Board Display Bracket (Steering Deck Mounted) version for close position setup and this will utilise the “Steering Deck stage 1 distance adjust” system with 25cm additional distance adjustment.

    Height Adjustment :

    Support Vesa monitors with 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 hole spacing.

    Note : If you need support for large monitors and Tv’s choose the following product On-Board Display Bracket (Frame Mounted Plus) which includes support for larger monitors out of the box.


    if you already own the On-Board Display bracket (Frame Mounted) product you can upgrade it by purchasing the following product : Plus Extension Plate

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