On-Board Display Bracket – Frame Mount Upgrade Kit


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This kit allows you to convert your existing On-board Display Bracket (Steering Deck Mounted) product to the On-Board Display Bracket (Frame Mounted) and the On-board display Bracket (Frame Mounted Plus) versions.  (Note : Display Bracket Plus version upgrade requires additional Plus Extension Plate to allow large monitors and TV’s to be mounted)

Mounting onto the frame allows a position further back and lower down on the frame allowing for more optimized eyeline in relation to the centre of the monitor when in a formula style seating position.

In addition when used with the additional Plus Extension Plate this frame mounted position also allows large monitors and TV’s up to 65 inch to be used.

By utilising the V-RIG updatable architecture approach this enables the most cost effective way to upgrade without duplicating parts that can be utilised from the existing product.

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Dimensions 68 × 49 × 11 cm